Our Service

Just as tarot cards show you the future,
we analyze your genes and tell you your story.


How much time do you need to get to know someone fully? 1 month, 1 year, 10 years… or It may take more. Even a couple love and support each other, there are sometimes regrets and pains. By knowing your partner’s in-born character fully, there may be greater chance of having much more positive relationship with less emotional stress. We hope the test results we provide become a turning point in which two can have greater understanding for each other.


Everyone think about what kind of occupation they want to get beginning from young. However, it is quite difficult to find a perfect job. Especially, these days it is hard to assume that one job can assure one’s future since life is so complex and changing. The most important thing is to identify the core values of yourself and establish a clear and specific goal. What is the best job for you in this age of uncertainty? Based on your genetic characteristics, DNA Tarot provide suitable type of occupation not only for today, but also for the future. Also by providing ways to strengthen one’s own capacity, we hope you can get one step closer to developing suitable career.


Spending a tough day extremely tensed, causes a lot of stress. There are many studies that proves stress is contagious and can infect others. Negative emotion and attitude which is accumulated due to fatigue can also adversely affect the hormonal system and health. Having one’s own unique way of relieving stress is crucial. Stress is so-called 21st pandemic disease. How are you managing your stress? Based on stress handling score, DNA tarot will inform your genetic tendency and managing method about stress.


With global certification standard, your DNA data is stored and controlled safely.

To provide optimal analysis result, ROKIT America maintains Medical Assay Genetic Testing Service
ISO 9001:2009 (Quality management system) and is also preparing for ISO 15189:2012
(medical laboratories – requirements for quality and competence)
We encrypt and store all the personal data under tight control and rules based on HIPAA.