Listen to the story
engraved in your DNA

By knowing better about yourself and of partner.
Find the occupation that is most suitable for you.
Measure your current stress leveland capacity.
Find your unique value, not the world has set.


DNA Tarot

Do you know that there are genes that determine psychology and personality?
Based on the DNA test we provide personalized tips for you to learn more about yourself in terms of
occupation, stress, and love life.

  • match


    There are so many things to
    accept each other.
    Can we live well?

  • job


    The best investment
    to strengthen your
    performance is to know my
    Find your suitable job

  • stress


    When stress situation and
    fatigue does not ease!
    We will recommend the
    perfect way to relax and
    regain your vitality.



Everyone has DNA that is similar in 99.5%.
Only 0.5% difference makes you special.
We believe your infinite potential and possibilities
derive from this small difference.



DNA Tarot can be your turning point. We will help you make a better choice when you come across a difficult and complex situation. Knowing the core values in life will help you lead to a better direction.We believe that in the genes, there is an answer to a better life. Our vision is to guide you find a better path and to manage numbers of huddles in life.

The service is SIMPLE and SAFE

  1. Product Registration

    Register the kit for DNA analysis

  2. Sample Collection

    DNA Kit manual is embedded for reference

  3. Delivery Service

    Cash on delivery